Pest Procedure

Bed bugs are an issue for all public places, including libraries.

In an effort to prevent bed bug infestations in our libraries and to eliminate them should they be brought into our branches, HCLS staff will:

  • Read the ALA guide on bed bugs and ensure all new staff read and are aware of these guidelines
  • Inspect materials returned for evidence of bed bugs on a regular basis
  • Inspect staff and patron furniture regularly (at least once a week) for any evidence of bugs. Staff will follow the guidelines outlined in the ALA guide to dealing with bed bugs for inspections

If any bugs are discovered, staff will

  • Inform branch manager, who will inform Head Librarian and Director
  • Quarantine the items as detailed in the ALA guide (there are specific materials listed for quarantining items, and branches will need to procure those if bugs are present)
  • Attempt to take a picture of bug and capture it if possible

Head Librarians will

  • investigate the suspected bug problem, taking pictures of the bug and capturing the bug if possible
  • Ensure that quarantine procedures have been properly followed
  • Arrange for the appropriate treatment of the item and/or building if bed bugs are present
  • Decide whether or not the branch needs to close for further treatment
  • Inform Director
  • Ensure follow-up treatment if deemed necessary by pest control professionals

Sarah Crisler-Ruskey, Director 7/18/2018