Each library of the Harrison County Library System maintains a collection of materials in many formats for community informational needs.


Email – Try our Ask the librarian Service. For answers to brief questions by email.

Phone – Quick, factual answers can be provided to your questions by telephone. Some questions require more research than staff is able to provide over the telephone. You may need to visit the library to do in-depth research.

Walk-in – Librarians will assist patrons with the use of specialized resources, both print and digital.


Books – The reference collection includes indexes, dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories, subject guidebooks, almanacs, books of quotations, university calendars, annual reports of businesses, Who’s Who, buying guides, literary criticisms, career information… Not all books are available for check out. Any item with a R on the spine above the call number is for in-building use only.

Genealogy and Local History – The Genealogy and Local History collection is maintained at the Biloxi Public Library. They also have staff available to aide you in your search.