Kids’ Genealogy Page


1. Ask someone in your family for help with your genealogy chart. Your relatives are often the best resources when it comes to genealogy.

2. Start the tree by writing your name and birthday in the box under “You”

3. Write the names and dates of the people that you already know.

4. You may want to save this tree in a scrapbook, folder, or wherever you save keepsakes.

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Words to Know:

Ancestor – a distant relative; a relative that lived before you were born

Family – people who are connected by birth, marriage, or adoption

Genealogy – the study of the history of families

Generation – people that were born around the same time period

•grandparents, great-aunts, and great-uncles usually belong to one generation
•aunts, uncles, and parents are usually in their own generation
•children, brothers, sisters, and cousins are usually in one generation; they belong in the next generation after their parents’ generation

History – What happened in the past