Bibliography of Civil Rights Era and Desegregation Resources

Available within the Harrison County Library System


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Houck, Davis W.  Emmett Till and the Mississippi Press.  Jackson:  University Press of Mississippi, 2008.

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Klopfer, Susan.  Where Rebels Roost:  Mississippi Civil Right Revisited.  Morrisville, NC:, 2006.

Mason, Gilbert R., M.D. with James Patterson Smith.  Beaches, Blood, and Ballots:  A Black Doctor’s Civil Rights Struggle.  Jackson,MS:  University of Mississippi     Press, 2000.

Newspaper Articles
Gulfport-Biloxi Daily Herald:
– “Racial Violence Erupts At Biloxi, Score Or More Hurt, Wounded,”25 April 1960
– “71 Are Arrested In Biloxi Wade-In,” 24 June 1963
– “Reverse Dismissal of 3 School Cases,” 14 February 1964
– “Integrate Peacefully At Biloxi,” 2 September 1965
– “Suit Seeks Redistrict In Hancock,” 2 September 1965
– “60 Negroes Registered In Gulfport,” 3 September 1965