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Each branch of the Library System has several computers available for public use. Computer usage is free to all.

Signing in before use of the computers is required. If you are using the internet, a library card and a signed Internet Use Policy is required. Certain times of day or night may be blocked out for Library usage, maintenance, etc.

The computers' hard disk drives are for the storage of library software and information. Patrons are asked to save all their information to floppy disks or flash drives. and not save files on the hard drives. Disks are available for purchase for $1.00.

Library staff can help you start the program, but cannot provide tutoring or in-depth hands-on assistance.

Only programs provided by the library may be used on the library's computers. Downloading and/or installing other programs is prohibited.

Patrons are allowed to print information from each of the programs. Prints are $0.10 per page. Patrons are responsible for paying for all print outs.