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Hurricane Camille Photo Archive
Mississippi Gulf Coast - August 17-18, 1969

Hurricane Camille is said to be the worst storm ever to hit mainland United States. With winds in excess of 210 M.P.H. and tides over 24 feet, Hurricane Camille smashed into the Mississippi Gulf Coast on Sunday night, August 17th, and continued on into the early hours of Monday, August 18th. All of the aerial photographs were taken on Tuesday morning, August 19th. The other photographs were taken at various times, all within a few days after the storm.

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The photographs on this page are protected by copyright. Copies of images may not be available. Please contact Jane Shambra, Local History/Genealogist for more information.

[c-002.jpg 719x873 (44k)]

Gulfport - This sailboat washed ashore in front of the First Baptist Church
(Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[ebh-001.jpg 949x752 (87k)]

Biloxi - This shrimp boat was washed right up into this home on East Beach Blvd
(Photo by: Earl & Beverly Hammond)

[c-004.jpg 716x891 (42k)]

Biloxi - Rebuilt Baricev's Seafood Harbor after Hurricane Camille
(Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-005.jpg 855x673 (56k)]

Gulfport - Gulfport's new $160,000 Recreation Center, it had been open less than a month
(Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-006.jpg 853x680 (77k)]

Biloxi - Central Beach: Harbor Light Restaurant, Biloxi Roller Rink, Boat Sales, Pastime Restaurant, Tony's Pizza, and Pattison Pontiac Showroom (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-011.jpg 856x672 (64k)]

Biloxi - Beautiful Biloxi Beach front and U.S. 90 before Hurricane Camille (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-010.jpg 858x654 (74k)]

Biloxi - Central Beach: Pattison Pontiac, Biloxi Yacht Club, Town House Motel, Biloxi Small Craft Harbor (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-014.jpg 856x675 (87k)]

Mississippi City - Sea Isle Hotel Court on U.S. Highway 90 with Merry Mansion ruins to the right (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-016.jpg 861x668 (63k)]

Mississippi City - The Merry Mansion was an ornate Italian Palace erected near Cowan Road (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-019.jpg 868x679 (104k)]

Gulfport - Intersection of U.S. 90 and 25th Avenue (U.S. 49) with the slab of the Gulfport Little Theater in the foreground (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-022.jpg 857x682 (65k)]

Gulfport - Three ocean freighters grounded on the north side of the harbor during the storm (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-024.jpg 857x669 (44k)]

Pass Christian - U.S. Highway 90 suffered damage, but at least two lanes were open (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-026.jpg 710x869 (84k)]

Gulfport - Barge on U.S. 90 was refloated by means of a dike lined with plastic (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-028.jpg 871x683 (43k)]

Gulfport - The courage and the spirit of the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast has gained admiration (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-030.jpg 712x876 (91k)]

Long Beach - (Before & After): Shopping Center, Jefferson Davis Avenue and U.S. Highway 90 (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-036.jpg 855x680 (54k)]

Pass Christian - Messages were often painted on the sides of homes damaged in the storm (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-038.jpg 709x881 (94k)]

Pass Christian - (Before & After): Historic Trinity Episcopal Church built in 1849 (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[ebh-002.jpg 953x754 (65k)]

Biloxi - The Bell Tower remains, but the main sanctuary of the Epsicopal Church of the Redeemer disappeared during Camille (Photo by: Earl & Beverly Hammond)

[ebh-005.jpg 956x762 (118k)]

One of the many homes along the Mississippi Gulf Coast that were lost during Hurricane Camille (Photo by: Earl & Beverly Hammond)

[c-040&41.jpg 700x1102 (112k)]

Pass Christian - (Before & After): The Richelieu Apartments on U.S. 90. (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[c-043.jpg 711x853 (71k)]

Henderson Point - (Before & After): Gulfshore Baptist Assembly. (Photo by: Chauncey Hinman)

[fh-001.jpg 725x496 (44k)]

In the 11 days following Camille, Gulfport photographer Fred Hutchings walked the 40 miles between Point Cadet & Clermont Harbor, photographing every beach front structure. This photo is of downtown Pass Christian, City Hall is in the background on the left (Photo by: Fred Hutchings)

[fh-002.jpg 719x467 (64k)]

The leavings of hurricanes can be tragically comical. Though not intended as a motor home, this house on Point Cadet was given several unwanted sets of wheels by Camille (Photo by: Fred Hutchings)