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Ground breaking Ceremony
Begins Library Construction
The following is an article that appeared in the
October 28, 1975 edition of the Daily Herald.

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The caption under the photo read: "Three shovels are wielded in the symbolic ground breaking ceremony Tuesday morning by, from left, Miss Mary Love of Jackson, director of the Mississippi Library Commission; Mrs. Audrey Lamey, director of the Biloxi Development Commission-Urban Renewal; am Mrs. Fred Hartman, Biloxi librarian, at the site on Lameuse Street of the $1.6 million library-cultural arts center."

Ground breaking ceremony
begins library construction

Herald Staff Writer

October 28, 1975

Bright October sunlight bouncing off three shovels, was termed a "Bright omen for a year of construction" for Biloxi's $1.6 million library and cultural complex at a symbolic ground breaking ceremony Tuesday morning.

The ground breakers, chosen by Mayor Jerry O'Keefe, are also symbolic in the world-wide observance of International Women’s Year.

They were Miss Mary Love of Jackson, director of the Mississippi Library Commission; Mrs. Fred Hartman, librarian of the Biloxi library Commission; Mrs. Audrey Lamey, director of Biloxi Development Commission-Urban Renewal.

O'Keefe told the large crowd of dignitaries and citizens, "I think the sun will shine on this project for the next year and I hope all of you will be back here one year from now when Senator John Stennis will dedicate the library.

Carl Smith, representing William Turnbough and Associates, the architectural firm from California, said the Architectural Festival last November was the real beginning for the project but the hardest work was yet ahead.

Noel Claussen, representing the Construction Division of Holiday Inns, the contractor, promised to "Have the building ready a year from today."

Louis Hengin, chairman of the Biloxi Library Commission, said, "It has been a long time to get off the ground with something new in Biloxi and to rise above the rubble of (hurricane) Camille, but this is a new day for Biloxi."

O'Keefe and commissioners Frank Barhanovich Jr. and A.H. Patterson were hosts at a coffee in city hall following the ceremony.

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