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First steps taken to organize a
Library Association in Gulfport, MS
The following in a newspaper article
dated October 27, 1911

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First Steps Taken Organize
Library Association

Meeting Held at Gulfport City Hall Last
Night Was Not Without Results.


Woman’s Literary Club Has Nearly $400 to Start the Work On -- Need For a Library, Formed, Governed and Supported by Public.

Gulfport, October 27.

At about 8:15 o’clock last evening the mass meeting called at the city hail for the purpose of effecting the organization of a library association was opened by Mrs. H. A. Jones, who in her own gracious manner told of the city’s need of a public library, one formed, governed and supported by the general public and bearing the name of their choice. After assuring the audience of the hearty support that would be given them by the twenty zealous women who belong to the Woman’s Literary Club, she then, in a very happy style, introduced the speaker of the evening Hon. Geo. P. Money.

Mr. Money followed with a brief address that furnished the audience with some needed information on the subject of the formation and maintenance of libraries, the public’s recognized need of such institutions and the care and guidance necessary to assist the young in their proper choice of the books in their reach. He closed with a few appealing remarks that expressed his sympathetic appreciation of all that has been done to make it possible for the establishment of the organization.

Professor C. A. Williamson was then introduced and confined his remarks to a discussion of the public schools’ vital interest in the formation of a public library on a scale large enough to supply the needs of the children of the city.

As a representative of the Woman’s Literary Club Mrs. J. L. Heiss submitted a report of the result of the different efforts made by the club to obtain money for the library fund, giving in figures the mounts realized from each effort, the sum total of which was as much or more than $368.

Dr. H. A. Jones, being made chairman, was then called to preside and, proceeded to take up the work of organizing.


After some discussion it was decided that a committee of five should be I appointed to draw up a constitution and by-laws. This committee will be announced later by Dr. Jones. It will be a part of their work to secure and make a study of the constitution and by-laws which have been used by successful library associations in other cities.

A publicity committee was appointed of which Mrs. Newton Hewes is chairman. The following gentlemen were also made members of the committee: Geo. P. Hewes, Jas. B. Cable, C. A. Williamson, H. Petrie, Harry Hewes, N. H. Hewes, Geo. P. Hewes, J. L. Heiss, J. Goldstein, M. P. Bouslog, F. V. Osborne, Dr. H. A. Jones. To these will be added the names of such ladies as the chairman may appoint.

Mrs. J. L. Heiss was appointed chairman of the committee on program for another meeting to be held next Friday night, November 3, when the constitution and by-laws will be read and passed upon, and officers and a board of directors will be elected.

The work of organization seems now to be fairly under way, and, every effort will be made to impress upon the people the desirability and necessity of carrying the movement forward to a successful issue.

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